What’s positive parenting?

Many parents today are using educational solutions to support their child's education. These include positive education, which is especially based on mutual respect. But what is it really about?

What exactly is positive education?

What do we mean by this new mode of education? As far as the definition of positive education is concerned, it is a new way of educating one's children without resorting to violence. Otherwise known as caring education, it encourages parents to become caring, listening and encouraging. It is an education that encourages parents to be more empathetic towards their children. When children do something wrong, the new education aims to find mutual respect. It abolishes corporal punishment and leaves room for discussion. The child will be able to express himself freely with his parents. The goal of caring education is to overcome the traditional belief that one must always punish and establish a balance of power in order to educate one's children well. On the contrary, it is necessary to have a positive and respectful outlook to better educate them. This method of education is suitable for all ages: babies, children, teenagers.

How to apply this method in everyday life?

It is important to know that benevolent or positive education does not eliminate conflicts between parents and children. Like all natural things, these cases are inevitable. However, the new method can increase tensions and reduce quarrels. Instead of immediate punishment or spanking, positive parenting encourages us to reach agreements. It is best to establish rules within the family. That way, the child will feel involved in family life. You can even ask them if they have any suggestions for rules. If they do something stupid, it is important to let them know that what they are doing is wrong. Encourage them to become a good person and give them the courage to act honestly.

The benefits of a caring upbringing

This new education is absolutely beneficial for both parents and children. It aims at another vision of education, one that is positive and caring. Thus, it allows children to acquire a more positive outlook and to be optimistic from childhood. This education teaches us to be role models and that, in turn, our children can be role models as well. It encourages us to talk to our children in the same way they talk to us. Caring education also helps us to always act in the right way. It avoids all kinds of violence and teaches us that communication is always the best solution. It teaches that parents and children are a team. Punishment is not the right way to educate your children, but rather working together to have good relationships. Noting that this contributes enormously to the development of our children.
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