Positive Education


From Competition to Collaboration: How the iGEM Foundation is Transforming Synthetic Biology

In a world where scientific and technological advancements are rapidly shaping the future, synthetic biology stands as one of the most revolutionary fields. Within this sphere, the iGEM Foundation has evolved from a mere competition to a vibrant hub of…

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How to do an MBA in France?

Are you looking for a way to take your career to the next level? Look no further! The MBA France is the most well-known graduate degree out there. It is a great way to enhance your skill set, earn extra…

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What are the values of the school?

Some parents get the idea that they send their children to school just to receive knowledge. However, this knowledge goes hand in hand with moral education, because it is not enough, as the saying goes, to have a full head,…

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What’s positive parenting?

Many parents today are using educational solutions to support their child’s education. These include positive education, which is especially based on mutual respect. But what is it really about? What exactly is positive education? What do we mean by this…

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5 tips for implementing positive parenting at home?

Raising children is not always fun, especially when you want to give them a positive upbringing. Many parents even fail in this task and that seems inevitable. So what are the habits to adopt for the pedagogy of one’s children?…

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How can positive education be integrated into school?

A psychologist has set up a method which is now applied by several schools. It is called positive education, which lies between authoritarianism and laxity. It favours the development of the child, which is why many schools have chosen to…

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