What are the school aids?

For families with modest resources, sending one or more children to school can be a rather difficult task. Fortunately, there are many aids available to them to alleviate the expenses related to the safety of their children.

Elementary school grants

A back-to-school allowance is granted to parents of children between 6 and 10 years of age. The amount of the allowance is 368.84 € per child and will be paid by the CAF or the PSA. Families who have to send their children more than 3 kilometres from home can also benefit from a school attendance grant. The conditions of attribution vary from one department to another. To take advantage of the scholarship, parents must apply for it at the beginning of each school year. School canteen assistance is mainly aimed at families on modest incomes who have difficulty paying for the canteen. To take advantage of it, you must apply to the social welfare office in your town. This person will guide you on the procedures to follow. Depending on the municipality, the financial contribution for the canteen may be based on the family quotient.

Educational assistance at the secondary school

Parents who send their children to college can also receive a back-to-school allowance. The amount of this allowance is €389.19 per child. A college grant is available. The conditions for obtaining this aid are subject to certain conditions, including that the child be registered at the CNED or the collège. The amount of this aid for the school year 2019 - 2020 is 35 € or 152 € per term, i.e. approximately 105 or 456 € per year. The amount of the scholarship will be evaluated according to the income the parents received in 2017. If the child is attending boarding school, his or her parents can benefit from a boarding grant of 258 €, paid in three instalments. There is no specific form to be filled in to take advantage of this bonus. If you find it difficult to contribute to your child's school expenses, you can apply for a college social fund. The headmaster receives a commission notice allowing him/her to receive the aid. Even if the child is not a bursary student, he or she can still benefit from it.

School aid at the lycée

At the beginning of the school year, a back-to-school allowance is granted to high school students aged 15 to 18. The value of the allowance is 402.67 €. As far as the lycée scholarship is concerned, it is divided into 6 levels, evaluated according to the resources of the people who take care of the child's schooling. The value of the scholarship is between 438 € and 930 €, which will be paid quarterly. Among the resources taken into account for the calculation of the grant is tax income. For certain courses sectioned by CAP, a vocational or technological baccalaureate or a technician's certificate, an equipment bonus of 341.71 € will be awarded automatically.
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