5 tips for implementing positive parenting at home?

Raising children is not always fun, especially when you want to give them a positive upbringing. Many parents even fail in this task and that seems inevitable. So what are the habits to adopt for the pedagogy of one's children? How can we improve our resolutions and change our reflexes in order to succeed in education?

Walk step by step

In order to effect change on a day-to-day basis, targets must be gradually increased so that they are neither numerous nor ambitious. You need to take it one step at a time while celebrating each step you take in establishing your positive education. On a daily basis, try to identify what needs to be accomplished in your quest for parenthood. Brainstorm to find the one small detail that needs to be improved in your relationship without upsetting your child. For example, play sports together. This will have a positive effect on your child because you are giving him or her esteem and time. Also, try to energize processes that are boring for your child, such as brushing teeth. As a parent, making this a shared moment can only be beneficial. It's even a way to look back on the day and ask what has changed, a positive parenting tip that works.

Play and laughter, the cornerstones of education

To educate your child positively, don't hesitate to provoke laughter. Indeed, laughter in a child offers an opportunity to reduce the tensions accumulated during the day. This positive education tip will also lead to a harmonious understanding between you and your child, because laughter allows for cooperation. While brushing your child's teeth, use a soft and affectionate voice to explain that it prevents small germs from nibbling at his teeth. The child will cooperate on his own, because not only will he want to protect himself, but also in response to your voice. If you do the same thing for bedtime, it will be more effective than turning off the TV or lights suddenly. However, if the situation doesn't improve, spend more time playing with themselves in the middle of the night to provoke laughter. This will give them the confidence to go to bed.

Stay Zen and try to make them feel less guilty

As soon as the tone rises, calm your temper. We're not supermen who know how to keep cool under any circumstances. However, everyone is capable of making the effort to pull themselves together when the tension mounts. Some days are no rosier than others, and children are able to sense our distress. So, improve your state of mind in front of them so that you don't hurt them with the worries of everyday life. Sometimes it's best to avoid looking for culprits for events such as broken mugs, glasses or trinkets. This may be your child's unconscious response to your mood. So the positive parenting tip is to stay Zen and your child will feel safe.
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